Revenge Will Come (2022 remastered)

Here is a remastered version of a cue named "Revenge Will Come" that I composed back in 2010, as a demo to present my composing/arranging skills of the time, on the video from the trailer of "Crysis 2". It's not the original music from the trailer and I have only the rights on this musical cue. Good listening!

We’ll Get Through it all Together

Composed, arranged and mixed by Anthony Sigouin 

Video edited by Anthony Sigouin


Directing / Réalisation
Joanie Darveau
Marc Desaulniers

Music / Musique, mix & mastering
Anthony Sigouin

Editing / Montage
Félix Nault-Laberge
(Behind The Scenes) Stoffel De Roover
Here is a (Behind the scenes) of a photo session by Stoffel De Roover in Montreal at Complexe Les Ailes. Filming and video editing by Marc Desaulniers and music, mix and mastering by Anthony Sigouin. All other credits are at the end of the video.

Voici un (Derrière la scène) d'une session de photo de Stoffel De Roover à Montréal au Complexe Les Ailes. Tournage et édition vidéo de Marc Desaulniers et musique, mixage et mastering de Anthony sigouin. Tout les autres crédits sont à la fin de la vidéo.
Here is a cue named "Justice" I composed on the video from the trailer of "Assassin's Creed Brotherhood". Warning, it's not the original music from the trailer. Good listening!

Voici un cue nommé "Justice" que j'ai composé sur le vidéo du trailer du jeu "Assassin's Creed Brotherhood". Attention, ce n'est pas la musique original du trailer. Bonne écoute!